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    A sustainable partnership is founded on trust.

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    We are always there for our customers. We strive to understand their every need.

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    We set high goals at all levels and work in a solution-oriented way.

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    We work systematically, in accordance to efficient and pragmatic solutions, and we take on the daily challenges with joy.

Holistic approach

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The Apple Property Group AG is a leader in developing, marketing and managing select real estate properties with a regional focus. Together with our partners, we take responsibility for all the business processes associated with and based on real estate investments. This includes everything from site evaluations to project planning as well as implementation to classic marketing.

In response to the growing complexity of the demands placed on compliance within the scope of national and international investments, we not only have experienced real estate and financial experts on hand but also have our very own team of lawyers. They have proven professional experience in national and transnational tax issues related to real estate investments.

The Apple Property Group AG has its headquarters within sight of the German border in the prestigious lake community of Ermatingen. It has further offices in Kreuzlingen, Zug and Lugano.

Our integrated corporate strategy is based on four core competencies:

  • Production: the development and marketing of our own real estate properties
  • Trade: the marketing of select real estate properties on behalf of the proprietor
  • Investment business: real estate investment companies / fund business
  • Letting: holding our own investment properties with a focus on special areas